NC Bankers News

Ebola Preparedness

In an effort to continually apprise our entire membership, affiliates, and especially those banks and employees (approximately 50 banks and 3,500 employees) that are active members of our health benefit trust plan, we have contacted six major hospital providers in North Carolina for their preparedness plans to handle any case(s) of Ebola in our state.  [...]

Carolinas Regulatory Compliance School

Complying with federal banking regulations is a demanding, time consuming and expensive task; therefore, a thorough understanding of the various laws and regulations governing your operations is essential in today’s environment.  The Carolinas Regulatory Compliance School helps financial institutions meet the compliance challenge by providing intensive training on the various regulatory requirements. Designed for personnel [...]

IRAs Made Easy Seminar

The 2014 IRAs Made Easy seminar will be presented by Denise Stevenson of Diversified Learning Services. Day 1 Basic IRA Seminar topics include:Revocation Rights and Disclosure Requirements, IRA Eligibility Rules, Contribution Limits, Excess Contributions, General Distribution Requirements & Rules and IRS Penalties Assessed on IRAs. Day 2 Intermediate IRA Seminar topics include: IRA Distribution Requirements at Age 70 1/2, Death Distribution Rules, Rollovers, Direct Rollovers and Trustee Transfers, Federal and NC Withholding Rules, Roth IRAs and IRS Reporting Requirements.