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NCBA Foundation Scholarship Applications

Now that the school year has begun, those of you with high school seniors are thinking about college applications and all that goes into getting your student off to the next phase in their lives. The NCBA Foundation Scholarship will award nine scholarships in 2016  for a total of $16,000 over the four-year period of [...]

Regulatory News

Regulatory Feedback Initiative – Time To Act:  The regulatory environment is one of the biggest challenges you face today. Bank regulators have tremendous power, there are very few checks and balances on that power and the confidential nature of bank exams make it hard to hold anyone accountable. That’s why we have joined forces with bankers [...]

Management Team Conference

This conference will provide your team with an opportunity to be connected with industry leaders and to keep them informed about the latest banking issues. The Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge in October is the perfect place to spend a long weekend. It is also prime season for golf! Once again, we will hold our NCBA Foundation Golf and Tennis Tournaments. The tournaments have been scheduled for Monday afternoon. Golf Tournament participants will tee off at 1:30 pm. Our Tennis Tournament will get underway at 2:00 pm. Our mixed-doubles tennis tournament is always fun for players of all skill levels!

Check Out The 2015 School Of Banking Video

Click HERE view the 2015 School of Banking video! The NCBA’s School of Banking is the oldest state association banking school in the nation. It is dedicated to expanding the skills and talents of middle managers and prospective managers. And, it is also an exciting week to network and mingle with other bankers. Check out this video [...]