NC Bankers News

NCBA Unveils New Initiative: North Carolina Young Bankers

Big news from the NCBA! After being approved by the NCBA board on Oct. 18 and announced by Bob Hatley, chairman of the NCBA, president & CEO of Paragon Bank, at Management Team Conference this week, the NCBA has unveiled plans for a new initiative - North Carolina Young Bankers.

Regulatory News

Regulatory Feedback Initiative - Time To Act: The regulatory environment is one of the biggest challenges you face today. Bank regulators have tremendous power, there are very few checks and balances on that power and the confidential nature of bank exams make it hard to hold anyone accountable.

Bank Directors Assembly

Bank Directors must be well-informed and up-to-date with industry trends in order to adequately perform their jobs and contribute to the success of the bank. In order to become and remain an expert in the financial industry, bank directors MUST participate in comprehensive training.