NC Bankers News

Young Bankers Conference

The North Carolina Bankers Association (NCBA) announced the formation of the North Carolina Young Bankers (NCYB) in late 2015. The NCYB was developed to identify and foster the professional development of emerging leaders in North Carolina’s banking industry.

CFO Symposium

If you’ve got acumen and energy and want to reposition your financial organization to make a major difference, then the CFO Symposium – August 30-31 at the Washington Duke Inn – is the place to be! This conference is the best opportunity of the year to get the latest updates and insight into important financial, technical and regulatory issues.

Regulatory News

Regulatory Feedback Initiative - Time To Act: The regulatory environment is one of the biggest challenges you face today. Bank regulators have tremendous power, there are very few checks and balances on that power and the confidential nature of bank exams make it hard to hold anyone accountable.