NC Bankers News

2017 Washington Bank Caucus

Please join us for our annual Washington Bank Caucus March 28-30. This year is our best chance for regulatory relief in years and bankers must be engaged in the process to accomplish our goals. There has not been a more important year to attend this event in recent memory. This year, we will meet with our Congressional delegation, hear from members of the Senate Banking and House Financial Services Committee, visit with federal financial regulators, and host our annual dinner. Special to this year’s trip, we will have a private, night tour of the Capitol.

CBS Benefits Day & HR Conference

Due to last year's success, the NCBA is once again pairing together the annual CBS Benefits Day with the HR Conference! This is a great opportunity for our members to learn more about the options available to their employees through our association, and to focus on human resources management with their peers.

Bank Directors Assembly

Bank Directors must be well-informed and up-to-date with industry trends in order to adequately perform their jobs and contribute to the success of the bank. In order to become and remain an expert in the financial industry, bank directors MUST participate in comprehensive training.

Regulatory News

Regulatory Feedback Initiative - Time To Act: The regulatory environment is one of the biggest challenges you face today. Bank regulators have tremendous power, there are very few checks and balances on that power and the confidential nature of bank exams make it hard to hold anyone accountable.