NCYB – Grady White Tour @ Grady-White Boats Inc
Sep 18 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Come join us for a FREE PRIVATE TOUR of Grady White Facilities! We ask all attendees to RSVP in order to get an accurate head count.

Webinar – Certified Banking Security Manager Training @ Online, Self-Paced
Sep 19 all-day


We are partnering with SBS CyberSecurity to bring our members the Certified Banking Security Manager virtual training. This certification is self-paced, with a launch date of September 19. Attendees will be given a roster of all participants to allow for peer discussion and networking while taking the course. Total allowed time to complete the course is ten weeks and culminates with an exam to achieve the certification. Click HERE to watch a short video from the instructor for a more detailed description of the course.

SBS’s certified advantage helps you develop an entire information security program framework to take back to your institution. After competing this program, attendees will understand how to successfully implement and manage each component of the information security program, and their knowledge of layered security programs will be boosted. Attendees will gain confidence in their decision making after learning comprehensive cybersecurity knowledge. In addition, they will dive into FFIEC cybersecurity guidelines.

Specific topics include:

  • U.S. Information Security Laws and Regulations
  • Information Security Program Components
  • Security & Awareness Programs
  • IT Audit
  • Social Engineering
  • Preparing for IT Examinations
  • Running Effective IT & Audit Committees

This program should be attended by Managers, ISOs, Security Officers, Auditors, Operations Officers, IT Managers and anyone in Compliance. This is a must attend program! Below is a testimonial to this program and instructor, Chad Knutson:

SBS and Chad helped me by providing the tools and information to be successful in reporting, documenting and creating proper assessments. As well as how to structure an adequate BIA and BCP plan, and those things necessary to prepare for an Audit or Exam. Taking the course helped build my confidence in my job field. I would recommend the CBSM course to anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge of the expectations of the IT Program of their institution.”
– Hilarie Haack, GA



Chad Knutson – Senior Information Security Consultant, SBS CyberSecurity

Chad is a Senior Information Security Consultant and is President of the SBS Institute for SBS CyberSecurity. SBS works with more than 900 banks around the country on information security services such as the development of Information Security Programs, Policies, and Risk Assessments, along with performing IT Audits, Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Assessments and other security services. Chad is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and Certified in Risk and Information Security Controls (CRISC).

2019 Fusion Forum @ Washington Duke Inn
Sep 23 – Sep 25 all-day

This event is a fusion of our traditional CFO Symposium, Management Team Conference, Credit Conference and Security Summit. Registration for your role specific pathway will be offered as well as a full forum registration which will allow you to choose your own path.

If you are interested in being a sponsor at this event, please contact Blair Jernigan at or Brianna Reeder at

Universal Banker Certification Series @ North Carolina Bankers Association
Sep 30 – Oct 3 all-day


Registration Rates
Full Series: $1,350 (Early Bird – 9/16) / $1,400 (Regular – after 9/16)
Single Day Registration: $385 (Early Bird – 9/16) / $435 (Regular – after 9/16)


The complete Universal Banker Certification Series is a four-day program. Attendees can either elect to register for the full series, or for the individual segments. To view the full program overview with descriptions and a video highlight, please CLICK HERE.

The Goals

  1. An understanding of the challenges in community banking
  2. An opportunity to learn about the best UX-user/customer experience
  3. The ability to plan for the impact of technology, artificial intelligence, and self-service on the community bank and banker
  4. The skills to be an ambassador for the bank, and build your personal network

Who Should Attend

Bankers from any department within the bank. These bankers may be new hires, beginning bankers, or bankers with years of experience. They are the emerging bankers who want to become qualified to move laterally or forward in the organization.

The Agenda

Day 1 – Culture Shifting in Community Banks 
Key Skill Transfers to Take Away: Maximizing performance in the branch, especially when it’s not busy and maximizing the Universal Banker’s own performance as an individual contributor on the branch team.

  • Why community banks fail to compete
  • How technology is revolutionizing our business
  • Winning qualities of an effective universal banker
  • Creating the advisory environment across the bank
  • Growing the community bank appropriately
  • Branch staffing model – layers are collapsing
  • Challenges in changing culture
  • Analyzing staff performance across the bank
  • Critical thinking – see the big picture of company growth goals
  • War games – plan to protect your company’s market share from the competition
  • The why’s – learn the why I am doing something and the interworking of the job using the 80/20 rule
  • Assignment to be completed by Day 2 – Improve a Work Process

Day 2 – Wowing the Customer 
Key Skill Transfers to Take Away: Learning how to ask great customer questions, working with customers to identify goals and dreams and selling appropriate products to actualize dreams and goals.

  • Present each team’s Day 1 assignment findings to the class – Improve a Work Process
  • Expectations from top customers, whether they visit us at the branch or not
  • Growing the client relationship – onboarding and all-aboarding
  • Dream building insights – dreams you are finding through client encounters
  • Establishing baseline service standards – hear the dream; pick the product
  • Creating the ultimate UX (user/customer experience) – being a brand advocate
  • Great cross-selling – asking great questions to get the client talking to discover dreams
  • Data vs. data driven decision-making – discover ways to convert more relationships into business
  • Streamlining your work processes – red carpet exercise
  • iGen and millennial customers – trouble and opportunity ahead, must be able to manage relationships up and down with co-workers, and with customer relationships
  • Develop leadership skills and wow your employer – they will take notice
  • Team work and flexibility go both ways – employee and employer – there is no departmental – only one employer
  • Assignment to be completed before Day 3 (for full series attendees only) – Dream and Red Carpet Exercise

Day 3 – Your Advisory Role
Key Skill Transfers to Take Away: Learning how to recognize a sales cue and a buying signal, and learning how to leverage technology and social media as tools to help customers reach financial goals.

  • Present each team’s Day 2 assignment findings to the class – Dream and Red Carpet Exercise
  • Bank products – What company products do you use?
  • Growing the branch – The Bored Board Concept
  • Listening for opportunities – recognizing the sales cue or life cycle event and matching the bank’s products to help clients
  • The bank of the future – technology, artificial intelligence, and self service
  • Transitioning your branch to meet emerging trends
  • Team rewards – how does your team celebrate successes?
  • Social skills at events and during work time – how do you interact with clients in the lobby? How do you make a positive impression representing the company while away from work?
  • Social and business communication/etiquette
  • Social media – what to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Does it represent you well?
  • Assignment to be completed before Day 4 – Make a Bored Board

Day 4 – An Ambassadorship & Growth 
Key Skill Transfers to Take Away: Learning to leverage interactions away from the workplace to capture additional business, and learning to best represent the bank away from work. 

  • Present each team’s Day 3 assignment findings to the class – Make a Bored Board
  • Being an ambassador for your bank
    • Consider people you talk to within the community who mention financial issues
    • Networking with clients
    • Referrals discussion
    • Networking with referral sources and centers of influence
    • Networking with prospects
    • Building your network across lines of business at the company
    • Skills practice: scenarios on being an ambassador for the bank
  • Dress in public: better to overdress than under dress, and dress code standards at the company
  • Doing it right the first time – proofreading for accuracy
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses – yours and the bank’s
  • Community bank case study: What can you improve back at the bank? What recommendations do you have to executive these improvements?
  • Summary of the series
  • Action plan to bring improvements back to work



Jennie Sobecki – Owner & CEO, Focused Results

Jennie is the Owner and CEO of Focused Results, LLC, a sales and marketing strategy, consulting, and training firm, concentrating in results-driven process consulting and training experience in community banks and FI’s. An expert in designing and implementing sales efforts and processes, she designs solutions to drive top line growth through better utilization and training of existing sales forces, including sales management.

Jennie is a graduate of Indiana University and has a certificate in consulting services from Ball State University. Prior to joining Focused Results, she was Director of Sales and Marketing for a $3 billion bank holding company, Sales Manager for a high performing mid-level bank, and Director of Corporate Training for a large Midwest insurance company. A charismatic speaker and consultant, Jennie consults with numerous financial service organizations on revenue, sales, sales leadership, and organizational performance.



The NCBA has secured a discounted rate of $159/night for our attendees at the North Raleigh Hilton. To secure this discounted rate, please call the hotel directly at 919.872.2323 and ask for the NC Bankers Association discounted rate. This rate includes complimentary transportation to and from the North Hills Mall. The hotel is located two miles away from the NCBA.

Please note that attendees are responsible for securing their hotel reservations. Should you encounter any issues with your reservation, please contact Business Travel Sales Manager, Courtney Quatrara at 919.878.4914 or

Triangle – Financial Literacy Lunch and Learn @ First Citizens
Oct 3 @ 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

Join us for lunch, networking and a round table discussion about financial literacy in our state!

The NCYB Representatives of the Triangle will share exciting information about our financial literacy initiative – Bankers In Schools.

You must register to ensure you get lunch and a name badge.

2019 IRA Workshop @ North State Bank Mortgage
Oct 8 – Oct 9 all-day



Time:  9 am – 4 pm both days

Registration Rates
Total Program: $795 (Early Bird – 9/24) / $845 (Regular – after 9/24)
Day 1: IRA Essentials Only: $415 (Early Bird – 9/24) / $465 (Regular – after 9/24)
Day 2: Advanced IRAs Only: $415 (Early Bird – 9/24) / $465 (Regular – after 9/24)

Individuals can register for all days as a full package, or can register for any day a la carte. You can view topics for each day on the agenda (link above).


Day 1 – IRA Essentials

You should register for this program if you need to learn the basics of Traditional and Roth IRAs or you want an updated, general refresher on IRA rules.

This session will give attendees a solid foundation of IRA knowledge. Exercises are included throughout the day to help participants apply information to job-related situations. Attendees will leave this session able to work with IRA owners and process basic IRA transactions with confidence. This is a beginner’s session; no previous IRA knowledge is assumed.

Course topics include:

  • Introduction and Establishing IRAs
    • Identify the tax differences of a Traditional and Roth IRA
    • Examine the process for establishing an IRA and the required documents
    • Differentiate between the types of beneficiaries
  • IRA Funding
    • Learn about the Traditional and Roth IRA eligibility requirements
    • Identify the contribution limit and deadline
    • Communicate contribution reporting deadlines
  • IRA Distributions
    • Identify federal income tax withholding requirements
    • Examine IRS penalties and penalty exceptions
    • Summarize the tax consequences of IRA distributions
    • Communicate distribution reporting deadlines
  • IRA Portability
    • Differentiate between a rollover and a transfer
    • Recognize rollovers between IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans


Day 2 – Advanced IRAs

You should register for this session if you are an IRA administrator, personal banker, or member services personnel who has a working knowledge of basic IRA operations and wishes to expand your expertise and provide enhanced customer service, a compliance specialist, or support personnel responsible for promotional materials.

This portion of the program will build on an attendees’ basic IRA knowledge to address some of the more complex IRA issues that their financial organizations may handle. This is an advanced session, and previous IRA knowledge is assumed. The instructor will use real-world examples to help participants apply information to job-related situations.

Course topics include:

  • IRA Update
    • Explain recent changes affecting IRA owners
    • Discuss the current Roth modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) limits
    • Recognize how recent changes may affect your financial organization
  • Required Minimum Distributions
    • Calculate a required minimum distribution (RMD)
    • Discuss the RMD rules and reporting requirements
  • Beneficiary Options
    • Describe beneficiary distribution options
    • Recognize the differences for spouse, nonspouse, and nonperson beneficiaries
    • Explain beneficiary payment deadlines
  • Advanced Portability
    • Summarize the restrictions on the movement between IRAs
    • Recognize the options available when moving from an employer-sponsored retirement plan to an IRA
    • Explain the result of violating the portability restrictions
  • Roth IRA Conversion Contributions
    • Describe a conversion
    • Explain the effect of withholding on a conversion
    • Report a conversion
    • Define the consequences of an ineligible conversion
  • Withholding and Getting It Right
    • List the possible penalties for failing to withhold
    • Explain the withholding notice and election requirements
    • Discuss how withholding is reported and transmitted to the IRS
    • Describe foreign withholding requirements



Jeff Aga – Technical Consultant, Ascensus

Jeff Aga is a Technical Consultant with the ERISA Technical Support Department at Ascensus. He assists clients with technical compliance questions through the 800 Consulting Service. He instructs Ascensus’ webinars and various Ascensus sponsored seminars nationwide. Jeff lends technical expertise regarding Qualified Retirement Plans, Traditional and Roth IRAs, Coverdell education savings accounts, health savings accounts and various employer-sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, SEP and SIMPLE IRA plans. He also conducts qualified retirement plan, 403(b) plan, and IRA compliance audits.

Jeff joined Ascensus in 1994 as a Plan Specialist in the Balance Forward Recordkeeping Department, and has served as a Client Service Representative as well as a Team Leader of Client Services with the Plan Service Group. He holds the Certified Pension Consultant, Qualified 401(k) Plan Administrator and Qualified Pension Administrator designations from the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries and is a Certified IRA Services Professional.



The NCBA has secured a discounted rate of $159/night for our attendees at the North Raleigh Hilton. To secure this discounted rate, please use the link below. The hotel is located two miles away from the NCBA.

Please note that attendees are responsible for securing their hotel reservations.

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Triad – Financial Literacy Lunch and Learn @ BB&T University
Oct 9 @ 11:45 am – 2:00 pm

Join us for lunch, networking and a round table discussion about financial literacy in our state!

The NCYB Representatives of the Triad will share exciting information about our financial literacy initiative – Bankers In Schools.

You must register to ensure you get lunch and a name badge.

Cultivating Change With Biltmore Center for Professional Development @ McKimmon Center
Oct 10 all-day

Hosted by the renowned Biltmore Center for Professional Development, this program offers a step-by-step examination of best practices in change management and leadership. Attendees will dissect roadblocks that prevent change from being an effective tool and explore how to promote momentum and growth. Ultimately, participants will walk away with the knowledge necessary to create a plan to implement change effectively and intentionally within their organization.

Want to save on registration? Use promo code NCBA when registering for a $100 individual ticket discount, NCBA2 for a $200 team of two discount or NCBA3 $300 team of three discount. To learn more, click here.

Intermediate & Advanced Commercial Lending School @ North State Bank Mortgage
Oct 16 – Oct 18 all-day



Total Program: Early Bird – $825 (until 10/2) / Regular – $875 (after 10/2)
Intermediate (Days I & II) Only: Early Bird – $600 (until 10/2) / Regular – $650 (after 10/2)
Advanced (Day III) Only: Early Bird – $350 (until 10/2) / Regular – $400 (after 10/2)



This program is designed for Commercial Lenders, Credit Analysts, Consumer Lenders, Loan Review Officers, Compliance Officers, Branch Managers and Credit Officers. After attending, registrations will:

  • Know how to identify key industry, business and management risks
  • Know how to analyze and understand the more complex credit requests
  • Have a deeper understanding of cash flow analysis and financial forecasting
  • Enhance your overall credit underwriting skills
  • Understand proper loan structuring

The Intermediate Level will expose participants with experience to the fundamentals required to be successful in the commercial lending process. It will cover analytical skills, including: accounting fundamentals, financial statement and tax return review; ratio analysis, cash flow analysis and loan structuring. The method of instruction includes case studies to present concepts and reinforce understanding.

Course topics include:

  • Understanding the role and importance of commercial lending in the banking industry
  • Identifying the information required to make a financial assessment
  • Learning key accounting principles, assumptions and the rules of debits and credits, which is required to understand how financial statements are created
  • Review a full set of financial statements and tax returns
  • Calculate basic ratios to determine financial strength including liquidity, leverage, asset management, operating performance and cash flow
  • How to structure loans property to match the financial requirements of the borrower

The Advanced Level will utilize ratio analysis and cash flow analysis to determine the financial impact on changing financial metrics, short-term and long-term structuring, and to determine future financial performance. This course is designed to provide the more experienced lenders with the tools necessary to ensure a quality loan portfolio – from analyzing promising prospects or customers, to loan approval and documenting your actions as being proper and prudent.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Analyzing industry, business and management risks
  • Advanced ratio analysis
  • Financial impact analysis to determine the impact on cash flow from changing financial metrics (credit ratios)
  • Net working investment analysis utilized to determine the amount required to fund a business’s short-term financing requirements (the essence of loan structuring)
  • Financial forecasting and sensitivity analysis to determine a business ability to generate cash flow in the future to service existing and proposed debt
  • Calculating sustainable growth which is the rate revenue can grow without increasing leverage to an unmanageable level
  • Uniform cash flow and global cash flow analysis for borrowers with interest in multiple entitites
  • How to write an effective credit memorandum


Jeffery Johnson – Senior Consultant, Bankers Insight Group

Jeffery Johnson started his career with SunTrust Bank in Atlanta as a Management Trainee and progressed to Vice President and Senior Lender for SouthTrust Bank (a large Southeastern Regional Bank) and Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Division Manager for Citizens Trust Bank of Atlanta (Community Bank).

Most of his career has been spent in Credit Administration, Lending (Commercial, Consumer and Real Estate), Business Development, Loan Review, Management and Training & Development. He has managed loan portfolios representing a cross section of loan types including: Large Corporate, High Net Worth Individuals, Middle Market Companies, Small Businesses, Real Estate and Non-Profit Organizations and managed several loan officers with portfolio management responsibilities.

Jeffery is now a training professional in the banking industry by leading various seminars covering important topics relating to issues in banking. He teaches actively for fifteen state banking associations in the United States, Risk Management Association (RMA) and individual banks nationwide. He co-authored a training course entitled “Lending to Service and Other Professional Organizations” for RMA in 2001.


The NCBA has secured a discounted rate of $159/night for our attendees at the North Raleigh Hilton. To secure this discounted rate, please use the link below.

Make Your Reservation Here!

Please note that attendees are responsible for securing their hotel reservations. Should you encounter any issues with your reservation, please contact Business Travel Sales Manager, Courtney Quatrara at 919.878.4914 or

2019 Regulatory Compliance School @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel
Oct 21 – Oct 24 all-day


Full Program, 10/21 – 10/24: $1,350 (Early Bird – 10/7) / $1,400 (Regular – after 10/7)
Deposits Module Only, 10/21: $450 (Early Bird – 10/7) / $500 (Regular – after 10/7)
Lending Module Only, 10/22 – 10/24: $1,100 (Early Bird – 10/7) / $1,150 (Regular – after 10/7)


Complying with federal banking regulations is a demanding, time consuming, and expensive task; therefore, a thorough understanding of the various laws and regulations governing your operations is essential in today’s environment.

The Carolinas Regulatory Compliance School helps financial institutions meet the compliance challenge by providing intensive training on the various regulatory requirements. Designed for personnel who monitor or manage your institution’s compliance, the Compliance School provides the most effective training available anywhere today. The Compliance School curriculum includes all major federal regulations covered in an on-site compliance examinations by federal regulatory agencies.

Registrants may opt to attend either the Deposits or the Lending Module, or can sign up to attend the full program.


Teri Laudano will be leading the Lending Module, and is a Senior Consultant at ProBank Austin.  Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Laudano served in the banking industry in the St. Louis Metropolitan and Lincoln County areas since 1982.  She has nearly 30 years as a bank officer and manager of centralized loan administration departments with experience training consumer and commercial compliance, banking laws and regulations. As a Senior Consultant, Ms. Laudano presents PBS seminars and provides consulting services on regulatory compliance topics with emphasis on lending operations.




Natalie Straus, CRCM will be leading the Deposits Module, and is a Vice President at ProBank Austin. Ms. Straus received her undergraduate degree from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and her law degree from American University, Washington College of Law in Washington, DC. As a PBS consultant, Mrs. Straus provides consulting services in compliance with an emphasis on deposit operations and issues. She performs consumer compliance and fair lending reviews as well as HMDA data integrity reviews for clients of varying degrees of size and complexity. Additionally, she assisted one of PBS’s largest clients in the implementation of an enhanced home equity quality assurance program.



The NCBA has secured a discounted rate of $149/night for our attendees at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. To secure this discounted rate, please use the link below. The cut-off date for this discounted rate is Tuesday, September 24. Please note that attendees are responsible for securing their hotel reservations.

Book your group rate for NC Bankers 2019 Regulatory Compliance School