Four Ways to Become the Primary Financial Institution

In a crowded market filled with competition – both from other banks and from credit unions attempting to act as banks – how do you establish your institution as the #PFI for your customers? Jennie Sobecki, CEO of Focused Results, LLC, wrote a piece for the spring edition of the Carolina Banker on just that subject. If you want to be known as the bank that consumers can trust and rely on, click on the link below to read Four Ways to Become the Primary Financial Institution!

2018 Holiday Poster Kits

The NCBA’s 2018 Holiday Poster Kits are now available.  We offer these free to you as an added member benefit of your membership in the NCBA.  Click HERE to download your 2018 Holiday Poster Kit and print them from your office.  You can forward the link to your branches or other offices for them to…