North Carolina School of Banking

The North Carolina School of Banking is the oldest state association banking school in the nation. It is dedicated to expanding the skills and abilities of middle managers and prospective managers. Bankers who enroll in the School spend a week each August receiving training in a college setting.

Freshman Year provides instruction in accounting, sales, lending, financial management, marketing, compliance, team building, and other banking related topics.

Sophomore Year focuses on government relations, finance, money & banking, managerial accounting, conflict management and motivation and delegation.

Junior Year concentrates on decision making in simulated banks, investments, asset liability, leadership development, advanced commercial lending, alternate funding sources, and self-assessment.

Senior Year is designed to provide rising middle managers with senior management perspective. Participants work in small teams to manage a bank through a two-year period using a sophisticated computer simulation program involving asset/liability, capital allocation, investment, business development, lending and human resources management decisions. The Senior Year provides an invaluable tool in developing insightful, creative, flexible and decisive managers for the future.

A minimum of three years’ experience in banking is desirable. It is necessary for the immediate supervisor to recommend and verify the qualifications of the candidate. The ability to assume middle management level responsibility should be considered in evaluating a candidate’s capabilities of performing satisfactorily in the school.

In order to maintain a high standard of performance in the School, there will be consistent, meaningful examinations conducted in the first and second year of the program to provide the student and the student’s bank with important feedback concerning his or her progress. The examination will also provide the School administration with insight into the effectiveness of the instructors and the course materials.

The faculty of the North Carolina School of Banking consists of experienced bankers, professors, regulatory officials, attorneys and others who have expert knowledge of the subject areas. Approximately thirty faculty teach at the School, and some have been associated with the program for many years. Faculty and courses are critically evaluated to ensure that banker-students receive the best possible professional education.

For more information, please contact our Meetings Department at 800-662-7044.