May 22, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Greensboro - High Point Marriott
1 Marriott Drive - Greensboro
$125 (Early Bird – 5/8) / $150 (Regular – after 5/8)
Brianna Reeder


This lunch and learn is being presented by @RISK Technologies, and is designed to conduct a common sense explanation of how banks can defend and excel in designing and deploying a cost-effective and advanced cyber security posture while achieving a continuous and measurable risk management to not just baseline compliance requirements, but to exceed them.

Bank executives and their staff not only have to contend with state and federal financial regulatory agencies, but these agencies continuously issue new cyber security standards and guidelines. Unfortunately, these regulations aren’t sufficient to protect institutions from cyber-attacks, and are bewildered by the cluttered landscape of cyber security regulations, buzzwords, best practices and “best in class” technology promises.

In this discussion, speaker Sean O’Brien will talk about how to create a quorum with the technologies banks own, and how to build technology, or a network consensus, to defend banks from the dark web, social engineering, insider threats and advanced malware.

Don’t miss this informative lunch and learn!



Sean O’Brien – CEO, @RISK Technologies

Sean’s passion for combating cyber threats comes from his background as a former Army Officer, where the concepts of Asymmetric thinking were instilled in him. With a strong mathematics and engineering background, he was known during his military career as an out-of-the-box thinker who questioned conventional thinking and contributed to modifying doctrine. After Sean’s Army Officer career he spent time supporting the DOD and Intelligence community in various roles at IBM that leveraged his technical approaches and desire to combat global threats. In his personal quest to create automated insight for combating the global war on terror, Sean worked to leverage IBM’s machine learning technology to help the DOD take advantage of the opportunities presented by adversary actions and decisions.

After leaving IBM, Sean founded tYaData Solutions. While supporting the United States Special Operations Community, Global Combatant Commands, the USMC, the US Army, and other strategic intelligence organizations, YaData went beyond the concept of data sharing and correlation. The company delivered analytic platforms that integrated human lessons learned from complex combat operations. After selling the YaData, Sean and his team’s vision expanded and @RISK Technologies was created.  Today, @RISK Technologies focuses on democratizing analytics, and their charter is to transform conventional cyber approaches that rely on non-collaborative appliances into delivering Artificial Intelligence Quorums where Network Consensus exploits opportunities created by a cyber adversary’s decision making process.


Marlene Brehm – Vice President of Outreach, @RISK Technologies

Marlene Brehm brings energy, excitement and a unique perspective that is not traditionally associated with information technology, cyber technology, and artificial intelligence. She is not new to many of trade concepts and regulatory issues with her past experience as a Regional Vice President in the Energy and Telecommunications sector. Since joining @RISK Technologies, she has transformed the company to a 51% woman majority workforce while spear heading its outreach efforts in an emerging Cyber A.I. technology sector.