Technology & the Future of Community Banking Seminar

Date: February 7, 2018

Time: 9 am - 3 pm

Location: NC Rural Economic Development Center
4021 Carya Drive - Raleigh 

Registration: $250 (Early Bird - 1/24) / $300 (Regular - after 1/24)


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This one-day program will feature timely and informative sessions that you won't want to miss! Confirmed topics include: 

  • The Future of Cybersecurity & Today's Threat Landscape 

    In today’s risky environment, it’s not if, but when. As technology continues to advance, so does the chance your organization will be the target of a cyber attack or the victim of cybercrime, whether from internal or external sources. Community Banks are especially challenged as they deal with the same threat risks and regulatory governance expectations as the Mega Banks – without the same resources. This session will explore current threat trends and the relationship and interdependence between Cyber Security and Cyber Compliance. Attendees will be provided methodologies and programs they can use immediately to make this a manageable and repeatable program that will provide continuous cyber security governance while staying ahead of the regulatory curve. 

  • Guardians of the Risk: A Practical Application of Risks and Controls 

    Sometimes it can seem like you may need a team of intergalactic warriors to help your financial institutions 1) truly grasp all facets of risk management as applied, 2) create and/or maintain processes for mobile risk, and 3) appreciate the cost of a misstep in the risk management lifecycle. This session will take all of the guesswork out of the risk management process by walking you through each necessary touchpoint for mobile risk. We will show you just how many ways the example of Mobile Banking touches risk areas in every area of the financial institution. From vendor management to enterprise risk management, cyber, audit and exam findings, and business continuity planning, you’ll learn first-hand how this work can effectively address the complete lifecycle of vendor and risk management.

  • Lending Technology Trends to Succeed with Millennials 

    Want to make better-informed credit decisions? Attend this session to learn how to use big data and cutting-edge credit technologies to broaden your institution's knowledge of risk and how it can translate into profitability and growth.

  • The Importance of Choice & Flexibility in Payments 

    When did Community Banks lose choice and flexibility in their payments programs? During this session you’ll hear how the expenses associated with your debit program may be eroding your profits and where our industry is heading if no one speaks up. We’ll shed new light on several strategies that allow community banks to regain control of the payments system, stop rising expenses and increase interchange revenue. 

  • A Banker's Guide to Cloud Security - Is it Safe for Your Institution & Your Customers 

    Today’s attackers utilize large, distributed attacks via the cloud and do so using innovative, rapid processes that allow them to dynamically change their approach. Harnessing the cloud gives your organization the edge your IT teams need in order to keep up with today’s threats. Done properly, cloud based cybersecurity solutions are safer than traditional on premise implementations, but many financial institutions have questioned the issue of safety when it comes to the cloud. In this session, explore the top benefits of using a cloud based cybersecurity solution: Scalability, Reliability, Price, Innovation, and Security.


Alex Hernandez - Vice President of Customer Solutions, DefenseStorm

Mike Horrocks - Vice President of Marketing, Baker Hill

Mitchell Klein - Chief Risk Officer, Ncontracts

Tom Miller - Managing Director of Enterprise Sales, SHAZAM



The NCBA has secured a discounted rate of $149/night at the Hilton Midtownwhich is a 10 minute drive from the Rural Center. To make a reservation at this rate, please call the Hilton at 919.872.2323 and request the NC Bankers Association rate. Please note that attendees are responsible for making their own reservations.