Compliance with Unclaimed Property Regulations – Webinar

Date: October 4, 2017

Location: Online - Link will be sent the morning of October 4. The session will be pre-recorded, and attendees will be able to watch the webinar at their discretion.

Registration: $140 (Early Bird - 9/20) / $150 (Regular - after 9/20)

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Becky Photo


Rebecca Bullock

Rebecca is the Compliance Specialist in the Compliance and Audit section with the Unclaimed Property Division of the Department of State Treasurer.  She has been with the Department for 42 years and with Unclaimed Property Division for 29 of those years.

Pacis Photo


Pacis Umubyeyi

Pacis is a Compliance Auditor for the Unclaimed Property Division. Her role is to audit and assist holders in the compliance process of returning properties to the rightful owners. Pacis joined the Unclaimed Property Division in 2014.



Accounting for and reporting of unclaimed property might appear to be a daunting task. However, the NC Department of State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division (UPD) is committed to assisting businesses and organizations, referred to as “holders,” in understanding and becoming compliant with NC's unclaimed property requirements.

The purpose of UPD’s presentation, “Compliance with Unclaimed Property Regulations,” is to provide holders with the information and tools needed to successfully report their unclaimed property.  This presentation will show how to identify property, locate property owners, prepare and submit reports. In addition, it will provide a brief history of UPD, detail NC's four-step reporting process, and communicate helpful tips and resources. 

This webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Definition of Unclaimed Property
  • Types of Unclaimed Property
  • Returning Unclaimed Property to the Rightful Owners
  • Purpose of the Unclaimed Property Act
  • Four Step Process in Reporting Unclaimed Property
  • NC Bankers Specific Unclaimed Property Types and Dormancies
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • Record Retention
  • Suggestions to Prevent Unclaimed Property
  • Reporting Resources

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