September 30, 2019 – October 3, 2019 all-day
North Carolina Bankers Association
3601 Haworth Drive - Raleigh
Brianna Reeder


Registration Rates
Full Series: $1,350 (Early Bird – 9/16) / $1,400 (Regular – after 9/16)
Single Day Registration: $385 (Early Bird – 9/16) / $435 (Regular – after 9/16)


The complete Universal Banker Certification Series is a four-day program. Attendees can either elect to register for the full series, or for the individual segments. To view the full program overview with descriptions and a video highlight, please CLICK HERE.

The Goals

  1. An understanding of the challenges in community banking
  2. An opportunity to learn about the best UX-user/customer experience
  3. The ability to plan for the impact of technology, artificial intelligence, and self-service on the community bank and banker
  4. The skills to be an ambassador for the bank, and build your personal network

Who Should Attend

Bankers from any department within the bank. These bankers may be new hires, beginning bankers, or bankers with years of experience. They are the emerging bankers who want to become qualified to move laterally or forward in the organization.

The Agenda

Day 1 – Culture Shifting in Community Banks 
Key Skill Transfers to Take Away: Maximizing performance in the branch, especially when it’s not busy and maximizing the Universal Banker’s own performance as an individual contributor on the branch team.

  • Why community banks fail to compete
  • How technology is revolutionizing our business
  • Winning qualities of an effective universal banker
  • Creating the advisory environment across the bank
  • Growing the community bank appropriately
  • Branch staffing model – layers are collapsing
  • Challenges in changing culture
  • Analyzing staff performance across the bank
  • Critical thinking – see the big picture of company growth goals
  • War games – plan to protect your company’s market share from the competition
  • The why’s – learn the why I am doing something and the interworking of the job using the 80/20 rule
  • Assignment to be completed by Day 2 – Improve a Work Process

Day 2 – Wowing the Customer 
Key Skill Transfers to Take Away: Learning how to ask great customer questions, working with customers to identify goals and dreams and selling appropriate products to actualize dreams and goals.

  • Present each team’s Day 1 assignment findings to the class – Improve a Work Process
  • Expectations from top customers, whether they visit us at the branch or not
  • Growing the client relationship – onboarding and all-aboarding
  • Dream building insights – dreams you are finding through client encounters
  • Establishing baseline service standards – hear the dream; pick the product
  • Creating the ultimate UX (user/customer experience) – being a brand advocate
  • Great cross-selling – asking great questions to get the client talking to discover dreams
  • Data vs. data driven decision-making – discover ways to convert more relationships into business
  • Streamlining your work processes – red carpet exercise
  • iGen and millennial customers – trouble and opportunity ahead, must be able to manage relationships up and down with co-workers, and with customer relationships
  • Develop leadership skills and wow your employer – they will take notice
  • Team work and flexibility go both ways – employee and employer – there is no departmental – only one employer
  • Assignment to be completed before Day 3 (for full series attendees only) – Dream and Red Carpet Exercise

Day 3 – Your Advisory Role
Key Skill Transfers to Take Away: Learning how to recognize a sales cue and a buying signal, and learning how to leverage technology and social media as tools to help customers reach financial goals.

  • Present each team’s Day 2 assignment findings to the class – Dream and Red Carpet Exercise
  • Bank products – What company products do you use?
  • Growing the branch – The Bored Board Concept
  • Listening for opportunities – recognizing the sales cue or life cycle event and matching the bank’s products to help clients
  • The bank of the future – technology, artificial intelligence, and self service
  • Transitioning your branch to meet emerging trends
  • Team rewards – how does your team celebrate successes?
  • Social skills at events and during work time – how do you interact with clients in the lobby? How do you make a positive impression representing the company while away from work?
  • Social and business communication/etiquette
  • Social media – what to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Does it represent you well?
  • Assignment to be completed before Day 4 – Make a Bored Board

Day 4 – An Ambassadorship & Growth 
Key Skill Transfers to Take Away: Learning to leverage interactions away from the workplace to capture additional business, and learning to best represent the bank away from work. 

  • Present each team’s Day 3 assignment findings to the class – Make a Bored Board
  • Being an ambassador for your bank
    • Consider people you talk to within the community who mention financial issues
    • Networking with clients
    • Referrals discussion
    • Networking with referral sources and centers of influence
    • Networking with prospects
    • Building your network across lines of business at the company
    • Skills practice: scenarios on being an ambassador for the bank
  • Dress in public: better to overdress than under dress, and dress code standards at the company
  • Doing it right the first time – proofreading for accuracy
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses – yours and the bank’s
  • Community bank case study: What can you improve back at the bank? What recommendations do you have to executive these improvements?
  • Summary of the series
  • Action plan to bring improvements back to work



Jennie Sobecki – Owner & CEO, Focused Results

Jennie is the Owner and CEO of Focused Results, LLC, a sales and marketing strategy, consulting, and training firm, concentrating in results-driven process consulting and training experience in community banks and FI’s. An expert in designing and implementing sales efforts and processes, she designs solutions to drive top line growth through better utilization and training of existing sales forces, including sales management.

Jennie is a graduate of Indiana University and has a certificate in consulting services from Ball State University. Prior to joining Focused Results, she was Director of Sales and Marketing for a $3 billion bank holding company, Sales Manager for a high performing mid-level bank, and Director of Corporate Training for a large Midwest insurance company. A charismatic speaker and consultant, Jennie consults with numerous financial service organizations on revenue, sales, sales leadership, and organizational performance.



The NCBA has secured a discounted rate of $159/night for our attendees at the North Raleigh Hilton. To secure this discounted rate, please call the hotel directly at 919.872.2323 and ask for the NC Bankers Association discounted rate. This rate includes complimentary transportation to and from the North Hills Mall. The hotel is located two miles away from the NCBA.

Please note that attendees are responsible for securing their hotel reservations. Should you encounter any issues with your reservation, please contact Business Travel Sales Manager, Courtney Quatrara at 919.878.4914 or courtney.quatrara@hiltonraleighnh.com.