September 20, 2018 @ 9:00 am
$250 (Early Bird - 9/6) / $300 (Regular - after 9/6)
Brianna Reeder

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We are proud to be partnering with Carr, Riggs & Ingram on this webinar.  At the crossroads of high-tech fluid dynamics, real estate, and our energy grid sits the data center. An asset and industry that is misunderstood, mostly hidden, and at the core of the brave new digital world we live in today. They are the ever-evolving and growing metropolitan city designed to house the data and data processing that drives our economy forward.

There is no cloud, just someone else’s computer and the data center is the home of every “cloud” you use today… and will remain the home of every “cloud” your great-grandchildren will eventually use. If you’ve ever walked into one of these purpose-built 100,000+ square foot facilities, with the security gates, iris scanners, bio-metric readers, badges, guards, and machinery all around you, it’s hard not to have your jaw drop, and an overwhelming feeling that you’re standing in something special.

Some say, ‘If you’ve walked through two or three of these facilities, you’ve seen them all!’ However, our experience has proven that this is far from reality. Each property and property owner is unique, and the use cases for these facilities only continues to grow in proportion to the volume of data sets being aggregated every second. The industry is, in fact, at an all-time high on numerous levels. Valuations of companies in the space, year over year IBITDA growth, total industry spend, total square footage in production… every variable is growing and, in most cases, growing faster than ever before.

In this talk, Sean Patrick Tario will discuss the history, evolution, relevance and economics of the data center and cloud services industry as well as the growing importance of the internet exchanges and carrier hotels that our digital world, economy and way of life so heavily depend upon. Specific program topics include:

  • The Major Data Center and Cloud Providers and Their Offerings
  • Differentiators of These Major Data Center and Cloud Providers
  • Data Center Service Providers in the Regional Market
  • Cost of Network and Storage Impacts on the Market
  • Changes in Facility Build Economics
  • Impacts to Internal Private Builds
  • The Future of AWS, Azure, Google and related IaaS Clouds
  • Trends in Decision Making for Customer Organizations

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Sean Patrick Tario – CEO & Founder, Open Spectrum

Sean is a seasoned IT professional, entrepreneur, author, trainer and investor. He has worked over the years with hundreds of entrepreneurs, startups and scaling companies as a general advisor, director, consultant and award winning sales producer. He is the author of “Industry Playbook: Data Center Colocation,” now on its fourth Edition and sold over 2,000 copies. This book has served as the core material for the over 40 high impact data center marketplace training events across the country Sean has personally conducted and produced. His firm Open Spectrum has also extended this training online through the development of an online data center industry focused LMS platform.

Sean has represented hundreds of enterprise clients in the auditing, consolidation, migration, negotiation and closing of data center and hosting contracts with service providers around the world. He has personally toured over 400 colocation data centers across the country over the past six years. His firm provides ongoing market intelligence, reporting and due diligence to those who invest and operate within the data center marketplace.

Sean spends his free time interviewing industry executives for his “I Love Data Centers” Podcast. He also serves as an industry advocate and lobbyist through his work with the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (I2C) in Washington DC and the East Carolina InfraGard Chapter. Locally, Sean serves on the board of Innovate Raleigh and is a mentor through the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic Mentor Program. Sean was born and raised in Chicago, spent 16 years in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving his wife and business to Raleigh, North Carolina two years ago.