On March 1, the NCBA launched a new member service: the NCBA Career Center. The Career Center is easily accessible through the MemberSuite Portal at www.ncbankers.org. This new member benefit will serve bank members, affiliates and job seekers. Those looking to hire can post job openings, and those seeking employment can submit their resumes and apply for jobs online. Each job posting will run for a 90 day period and is limited to 150 words (including contact information). Those seeking employment can search any job postings available and directly submit their resumes to the institution free of charge. Resumes are not able to be posted anonymously. 

We are excited about this new service and are currently working on a few enhancements to assist in the keyword search of resumes. There will be no charge for any job postings until we have the Career Center at 100%, so take advantage now!

Click HERE for information on our Career Center.  If you have an open position or resume that you would like to submit, please contact Vickie Bowers at vickie@ncbankers.org. Vickie will be glad to answer any questions and help set up individual MemberSuite accounts.