We are watching developments with the novel coronavirus disease 2019, also known as COVID-19, very closely here at the NCBA. We have collected a range of resources to assist banks at they prudently plan for COVID-19. This page will be regularly updated to include the latest situational assessments and guidance from public health officials, business continuity planning recommendations and guidance on how to communicate with employees, customers and the public. In addition, we will continue to share updates and resources on the Emergency Preparedness channel on our Microsoft Teams platform. If you would like to be added to that platform, please reach to Vickie Bowers at vickie@ncbankers.org.

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For background and the most up-to-date information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus Disease 2019 website: HERE

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Is the coronavirus affecting your customers? Sign up for a free webinar to learn how to keep your customers informed and engaged. Learn more.

Looking for more resources for your business during this uncertain time? CBIZ has you covered. Please visit our COVID-19 resource center to learn more about updates that could impact you or your company.

Sherry Burick
Area Sales Director
Direct: (336) 462-7838
Email: sherry.burick@cbiz.com

Senior Sentry is a new program from CRA Partners about the ways banks can help prevent nursing home scams during COVID-19. Learn more.


Shea Gabrielleschi
Vice President – Southeast Region
Direct: (901) 529-4773
Mobile: (901) 831-4138

Click here for a COVID-19 Health and Safety Update from DDI.


Todd Phillips
Director of Sales
Mobile: (803) 638-1834
Direct: (803) 808-4937
Email: todd.phillips@dditechnology.com

Click here to find vital PPE supplies so you can keep your employees and customers safe as you open your branches.

For most up-to-date COVID-19 information, please click here.


Ted Frizen, CIC
Mobile: (865) 603-0797
Office: (865)769-8649
Fax: (865)769-8630
Email: tfrizen@financialpsi.com

Click here for the latest coronavirus resources from Harland Clarke.


Carroll Lynn Ritchie
Senior Account Executive, National Markets Division
Office: 704-857-1993
Mobile: 704-649-3124
Email: carrolllynn.ritchie@harlandclarke.com

Click here to access the latest COVID-19 charts from ICBA Securities.


Jim Reber
Office: (800) 422-6442
Mobile: (901) 262-1353
Email: jreber@icbasecurities.com

The following resources are available from Pentegra:


Wade Connor
Regional Director
Office: (914) 821-9578
Mobile: (704) 608-4563
Email: wade.connor@pentegra.com

The following resources are available from SBS CyberSecurity:

  • Blog: Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk of Remote Work
    Today, an unprecedented percentage of the workforce is working remotely in an attempt to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in communities across the country. One question everyone should be asking is how to ensure business continues as usual – but in as secure a way as possible.
  • Blog: Hacker Don’t Stop for a Pandemic: Tips to Remain Cyber Safe
    Many activities in our daily lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, hackers don’t take time off or follow the laws in times of uncertainty, in fact, many times it’s the opposite.
  • Blog: Coronavirus: Time to Dust Off the Pandemic Preparedness Plan
    It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve talked about pandemic outbreaks on a global scale (which is a good thing!). However, with the introduction of the Novel Coronavirus, it’s a good idea to break that Pandemic Preparedness Plan out and update the document for 2020 going forward.
  • Toolkit: Pandemic Preparedness
    The Coronavirus outbreak has people around the world talking about pandemic preparedness. Do you need to dust off your Pandemic Plan? Have confidence in your organization’s ability to handle an outbreak situation with the SBS Pandemic Toolkit. The following files are included in this toolkit:

    • Pandemic Preparedness Policy
    • Pandemic Preparedness Plan
    • Pandemic Preparedness Tabletop – Coronavirus
    • Pandemic Preparedness Regulatory Checklist
    • Pandemic Preparedness Vendor Management Letter
    • Pandemic Preparedness Testing Questions
    • ISP (Information Security Program) Diagram
    • Pandemic Preparedness Roadmap
    • Additional Resources include FFIEC 2019 Business Continuity Management, FDIC Interagency Statement on Pandemic Planning, and CDC and APIC Pandemic Awareness Posters

    Price: $199

Bankers Respond to COVID-19

U.S. Bank
Through a company-wide #SupportLocal campaign, U.S. Bank employees have been buying meals from local restaurants and giving them to first responders, healthcare workers and other essential workers on the front lines. Pictured below, Pamela Prowten helped organize a delivery to one of Charlotte's local fire stations - and more are planned throughout the month!
Live Oak Bank
Words cannot express how grateful we are for our bankers and the long hours they have worked to process PPP loans. Live Oak Bank was recently featured in the news for ensuring that Bitty & Beau’s Coffee could save all of their employees jobs. Although the challenges we face are without precedent, we have never been more proud to represent our state's bankers!
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Once Pinnacle Financial Partners' offices shifted to drive-thru-only service, their team in Lexington donned their bright pink Pinnacle shirts and brought out the lightsaber swords to have some fun while directing traffic! Clients appreciated having the smiling greeters around to guide them through the changes to their routines!
The Fidelity Bank
What do you do when you're in high gear processing Paycheck Protection Program loans and the power goes out? You fire up the generator and get back to work. Thank you to the Fidelity Bank team in Garner!
Piedmont Federal Savings Bank
North Carolina's banks are finding all sorts of creative ways to support their communities during these challenging times. Each of Piedmont Federal Savings Bank 's branches have purchased gift cards to hand out to random customers at their drive-thru windows. It’s a fun surprise for customers, and the gift cards give the team an exciting way to support local businesses!

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